Gabrielle Ferreira




Currently I am pursuing a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Textiles at Rhode Island School of Design with a focus on weaving and print design. My work is an examination of place, heritage and identity.I am a lifelong resident of southeastern Massachusetts. Residing in Fairhaven, MA, I have grown up in a printmaking family.  Learning to silkscreen and engrave at an early age I began making patterns after studying and working for Artomete Design in Rome, Italy.  Immersed in such an amazing culture in Rome I realized that the same passion I felt abroad can be found within my own heritage.  Hand stitchery, sewing, knitting and weaving are all traditions that have been passed down through my Cape Verdean and Portuguese heritage. Completing my studies in Art History and Anthropology at Wheaton College in 2012, I furthered my education by working in museums, galleries and in other art non-profit settings.



Dedee Shattuck Gallery | July 5 - 29, 2018 | Seeking the Line

Dedee Shattuck Gallery | November 29 - December 22, 2017 | Small Works, 2017


Artist Statement

In a world that is quickly moving away from the personal, my patterns work to bring people and communities together. I design to preserve the traditions of everyday life, and I do so through the patternization of objects and memories. I am inspired by the everyday objects we use to create ritual and tradition. My source material includes silverware, oriental rugs, baked goods, and pinwheels.  On a daily basis these objects are overlooked and considered simplistic for their generic quality, but these objects also have longstanding social and economic significance and power. Silverware speaks of family dinners and social hierarchy, while oriental rugs have a storied history of cultural exchange and re-appropriation. The content of my work begins by exploring the significance of these simple yet evocative objects. My informed commentary then becomes a succinct and simple design in color, scale, and structure.