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Small Works 2017

Dedee Shattuck Gallery is pleased to present our sixth annual Small Works exhibition. This highly anticipated exhibition features affordable works by many artists from our local community and across the country. We will showcase various media including painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, illustration, ceramic, woodworking, and textiles. This exhibition of affordable works, priced $500 or less, with some items up to $1200, features many of the established artists that the Shattuck has previously showcased, as well as several bright new voices and emerging artists. The list of artists is not limited to that above and also includes: Alison Horvitz, Alyn Carlson, Anne Carrozza Remick, Anthony Miraglia, Deborah Coolidge, Gabrielle Ferreira, Henri Koshen, and Meris Barreto. (List subject to grow) 

Dedee Shattuck Gallery invites the public to an artists' reception to celebrate the opening on Saturday, December 2, from 5-7pm. 

This will be Dedee Shattuck Gallery's final exhibition of 2017 before closing for the winter to re-open in April of 2018.



This page is being updated as images come in.


Alison Horvitz

Allison Paschke

Alyn Carlson

Ann Scott

Anne Carrozza Remick

Anthony Miraglia

Anthony Russo

Beverly Carter

Catherine Carter

Claudine Metrick

David Molesky

Deborah Barlow

Deborah Coolidge

Deb Ehrens

Deborah Weiss

Elin Noble

Ellen Schiffman

Gabrielle Ferreira

Gay Gillies

Harvey Goldman

Henri Koshen

Jan Roy

Jane Ashley

Jane Bregoli

Jim Sears

JP Powel

Lasse Antonsen

Linda Pearlman Karlsberg

Marc St. Pierre

Mark Wholey

Meris Barreto

Michael Hubert

Michael Pietragalla

Michelle Lapointe

Nancy Hayes

Nicholas Whitman

Paul Clancy

Richard Whitten

Roger Kizik

Sarah Benham

Sebastian Lassalle

Severin Haines

Stephanie Bush

Stephen Remick

Susan Schultz

Susan Strauss

Terry Gips

Wendy Weldon