Beverly Carter

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Artist Statement

My first drawing assignment in college was to render a 24" x 36" patch of grass.We spent the remainder of the semester analyzing that single drawing and making overlays of the elements that worked together to create visual interest – line weight, direction, texture, and value. In the process, we also learned about differentiation of shape, depth of field, and focal points. I never looked at things the same way again.

In retrospect, I recognize that this exercise provided the inspiration for the techniques that I apply in my pottery today. Just like the patch of grass drawing, I use line, texture, and color in my work to create layers that I can enhance with different glazing techniques and multiple firings.Through constant experimentation with all of these elements, I continue to discover new ways to create results – all the while knowing that I’ve only scratched the surface of possibilities. It is the limitlessness of these explorations that make working in clay both exciting and fulfilling.

I have had the great fortune to study with some wonderful potters who also have the talent and passion for teaching others. When I look at my work, I can see their influence and I cherish how each has contributed to my evolution as a potter. I particularly want to thank Makoto Yabe, Bruce Barry, and Katie Parker, as well as Otto Heino who have been an enormous source of inspiration.



Dedee Shattuck Gallery | November 28 - December 23 | Small Works, 2018

Dedee Shattuck Gallery | November 29 - December 22, 2017 | Small Works, 2017

Dedee Shattuck Gallery | June 28 - July 30, 2017 | Anniversary Exhibit, 2017

Dedee Shattuck Gallery | November 9 - December 18, 2016 | Small Works, 2016

Dedee Shattuck Gallery | November 11-December 20, 2015 | Small Works, 2015

Dedee Shattuck Gallery | November 12th - December 21, 2014  | Small Works, 2014

Dedee Shattuck Gallery | November 16 - December 22, 2013 | Small Works, 2013

Dedee Shattuck Gallery | November 29 - December 23, 2012 | Small Works, 2012 

Dedee Shattuck Gallery | June 5 - July 3, 2011 | Inaugural Exhibit, 2011