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Part 1: Textile Dye Workshop at Gallery

Dye Workshop at Dedee Shattuck Gallery with Curator, Jodi Stevens (2 days total)

2-day workshop: Sunday, August 14, 9am-2:30pm and Sunday, August 21, 9am-2:30pm (with lunch break)

Cost per participant: $225.  Cost includes materials fee.

Limited to 12 students, minimum of 6

Ages 15+


Call the Gallery at 508-636-4177 to register


Day one: Fabric preparation and learning techniques

Workshop runs for 5 ½ hours each day


Pattern and texture can be created on a two-dimension cloth surface through fabric preparation and dyeing.  Procion fiber reactive dyes are used on cotton fabrics that have been folded, clamped, bound, or gathered.  During the first day, workshop participants will learn various methods of fabric manipulation to create desired patterns on small sample pieces.  With one week in between classes, participants will be able to create a well-planned design on scarves or larger pieces of fabric.  On the second day, participants will learn how to safely use the dyes, will choose from various colors, and can utilize overdyeing techniques if time allows.  These finished fabrics can be cut or further embellished, then translated into wearable art or other sewn projects such as pillows, table runners, wall hangings, or napkins.  Participants will be able to use what they have learned to further explore the process at home, if desired.


Requirements/supplies needed:

-Wear old clothes and/or apron for dyeing

-Rubber gloves (long enough to cover forearms)

-Seam ripper

-Pen or pencil and notepad or sketchbook

-Lunch (can also be purchased near the gallery at several locations)