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Dignity of Trees -- Opening Reception


We seek solace in the stillness of the forest, or in the strength and resilience of a solitary tree.  For millions of years, trees have taken root into the earth and reached high into the sky for sunlight.  They symbolize the Universe, creating mythologies and artistic inspiration.  We stand in awe of their intrinsic grace, generosity and dignity. 

These six artists reveal deep reverence and connection to these sentient and essential life forms.

Greg Rose reminds us that each tree is unique, much like the diversity within a family or individuals within a community.

Deborah Coolidge creates temple rubbings of tree bark, her action revealing the underlying spirit and form of her subject.

Ana Flores says that spending time in Nature is an outlet that feeds her soul, referencing the natural world as a spiritual, inspirational, creative and educational resource.

William Harting seeks within his viewfinder one tree among many.   He captures the Divine. Without frames and flush-mounted, he offers the immediacy and intimacy of his photographs with nothing between the viewer and the image.

Renee Monteiro-Bernard uses a scanner bed to photograph natural objects as staged compositions celebrating the beauty and awe of the natural world.

Paul Rider recognizes trees as one of the elemental structures in our world. Their forms, against the sky when one looks up, can be mesmerizing.