Three Perspectives: Jean Francois Allaux, Guy Billout, and Anthony Russo

Curated by Bill Shattuck

October 25 - November 25

Three Perspectives exhibited three widely published world-class illustrators, Jean Francois Allaux, Anthony Russo, and Guy Billout. Their work is frequently featured in such publications as The New Yorker, New York Times, The Atlantic, Psychology Today, Time Magazine, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Sports Illustrated.

An illustrator is part visual artist, part translator, part social-commentator. Three Perspectives examines each artist’s unique synthesis of these elements into resonant illustrations.

Guy Billout utilizes traditional perspective and color palette, to construct an unassuming composition which initially subverts the viewer’s attention from a surrealist element. Once discovered, this element unravels the viewer’s preconceptions; the images reveal themselves as ironic, magical, and darkly humorous.

Jean Francois Allaux often thrusts characters into situational paradoxes to highlight tensions and inconsistencies found in social and political issues. At times he references great works of art, symbolism and allegory to strengthen the psychological impact of his imagery. This exhibit will also include a collection of his figure drawings and sculpture.

Anthony Russo relies on subtle emotional cues to impart his ideas. Inspired by the bold contrast, intentional lines, and expressive emotion of the German Expressionists and emphasis on facial expression and the paint texture of the Fauvists, Russo creates bold iconistic imagery that retains a painterly quality. Russo looks at human relationships, sometimes capturing unnerving moments and surprising interactions, encouraging the viewer to question the motivations of the characters he depicts.

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