Steve Remick, Deborah Quinn-Munson, and Rick Lazes

September 4th- November 27th, 2011

Deborah Quinn-Munson

When looking at Deborah Quinn-Munson’s paintings, a viewer can almost feel a misty sea breeze brushing through marsh grass, or the slow undulations of ocean swells. Quinn-Munson captures the beauty and serenity of shorelines and seascapes with a painterly style that vibrates between photorealistic and impressionistic.

Stephen Remick

Steve Remick’s paintings explore the beauty and magic of landscape. Thick blankets of snow and glimmering dappled light quiet his compositions—imbuing them with an almost mystical energy that captures our memories of exploring snowy woodlands as children. 

Richard Lazes

Tactile and dynamic, Richard lazes’ bent wood sculptures invite the viewer to circle, observe, puzzle, and touch. Lazes uses steam to coax rich and gorgeous wood into springing curls and languid swoops. By pulling forms from delicate and minute sources, such as calligraphic pen marks, or the push of wind th

rough blades of grass, and bringing them up to human scale, Lazes accesses the energy inherent in these easily overlooked sources of beauty. 

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