Shamanic Sound Healing Concert

Featuring Alan Stonewolf and Jaime Poyant

Saturday November 29th


$20 at the door

Throughout history, cultures the world over have used the power of sound for healing. Today, sound healing and shamanism are growing therapeutic fields proven to enhance wellness and creativity. In this practice, participants will be bathed in a field of subtle yet highly potent intentional sound using voice, native flutes, guitar, drums, gong, digeridoo and singing bowls.

This programming is brought to us by Jim Mercer 

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This Sound Experience will be broken up into Two Parts:

Part One: Illuminating
Participants will rest fully immersed in a sound bath created by Alan and Jaime as guided by Spirit.  
Cultures all over the world have utilized sound throughout human history coupled with explicit states of consciousness, or awareness and intent, for healing, for connecting to, that which they hold as Sacred or Divine. Sound healing, and shamanism are growing therapeutic fields, proven to enhance wellness and creativity at many levels of our being. In this practice, participants will be bathed in a field of subtle yet highly potent intentional sound utilizing voice, Native American flutes, guitar, drums and percussion, gong, didgeridoo and crystal bowls.

A little over an hour in, the sound bath will dissolve into silence, and then birthed out of this silence we will move into a soul enlivening expression.

Part Two: Enlivening
Participants will be encouraged to embody their own soul expression through movement/dance/vocalization. Again, Alan and Jaime will provide a Spirit driven percussion rich musical backdrop which will lend support and assist in the communal connection of ecstatic drum and dance. All are asked to bring their own sacred percussion or movement instruments (if you have them, if not, there will be a limited supply of instruments available) such as rattles, shakers, frame drums, ankle bells, scarfs, belly dancing sash…any instrument which one would feel comfortable moving with.  

After the enlivening drum and dance session, the evening will conclude with a brief window for sharing, and then a group Om, submerging ourselves in the beauty of the Unified Field.

About the Musicians:


Alan Stonewolf is deeply committed to helping humans find and fulfill their highest truth. He is a gifted intuitive trained in the art of Sacred Sound Transmission and Shamanic Traditions. He is also certified in hands-on healing techniques such as Reiki, Shambala and Magnetic Healing. Alan is a life-long musician and has been pursuing spiritual exploration for over 15 years. With his music, he creates a sacred space for others to experience empowerment, awakening, and integration of the authentic self. 





Jaime Allen Poyant loves to play with sound and explore the healing and transformational aspects of intentional sound, especially in a community setting. He has practiced music for 17 years. Jaime has taught guitar, bass, ukelele and percussion and is deeply committed to help others connect with their joy through playing and sharing music. Jaime has also studied various modalities of healing such as Sound Healing, Meditation, and Qi Gong.      |      508. 636. 4177      |      1 Partners' Lane, Westport, MA 02790      |      W - Sat, 10 - 5, Sun 12 - 5