Paul Myoda

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Paul Myoda’s interactive sculptures are methodically designed to attract and surprise viewers using laser-cut acrylic, hand-machined aluminum, 3D printed plastic, LED lights, motion sensors, and electronics. His works glow, glimmer, and cast shadows that transform the works themselves and the spaces they inhabit. Myoda might be considered a sculptor of light, except that he masterfully employs a number of material and sculptural processes in each work; light and shadow are only part of what makes these works captivating. Myoda will exhibit a new chapter of his ongoing Glittering Machine series. Glittering Machine: John Bonham, 2014 represents a body of work inspired by frequency visualizations of the iconic drum sequences by Led Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham. The works are informed by Myoda’s research on synesthesia (the overlapping of two or more senses), cognitive neuroscience, and computational geometry. 


Dedee Shattuck Gallery | April 2 - 27, 2014 | Articulated Structure