Thursday, September 3rd 5-6pm

Artist's Talk

Nancy Winship Milliken

Join us for a discussion on the shared landscape of artists and farmers in our New England community.  

Nancy Winship Milliken will talk about her artistic process and her new project, Contemporary Pastoralism, where she has traded studio for farm to collaborate with the people, animals and materials of farms in their surrounding landscape.

A piece that has struck many in our community, Windscape – Westport is part of Nancy Winship Milliken Studio’s Contemporary Pastoralism project.  Milliken collaborates with farming communities to create work that engages the viewer with the textures of the environment. Made from local cedar, fishing net, and New England wool, these “meadow sails” are activated by the wind, sun, rain and time. Visitors are encouraged to walk into the meadow and experience the changing scale and intricate shadows of each sail.

Nancy Winship Milliken is a sculptor creating site-specific work in urban and rural landscapes. Her archetypal structures pair ephemeral, organic materials such as wool, wax and honey with industrial components such as steel. Milliken's environmentally performative sculptures reveal the actions of wind, rain and sun as they transform her shapes and materials adding an element of time. Sometimes she invites animal and human interaction.

Join us on September 3rd for a lively talk and discussion on a work so particular for our New England Landscape. Light refreshments will be served.

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