Nancy Train Smith

"I was educated at Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA, graduating in 1968 with a BA in Art History, and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA.  At the SMFA I completed the four year diploma program, in 1977, and the fifth year competition, in 1978.  As a winner of the competition I was granted a traveling fellowship and participation in a show at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA.  

My first involvement with installation art was while I was still a student. Three of us presented work in a parking garage in downtown Boston with the idea of presenting art in a non-art context. Later that same year I directed a multi-site quasi performance piece celebrating the first First Night, 1976. For a subsequent First Night I co-developed a store-front presentation of Yeats' Noh-style play, "At the Hawk's Well", with my teacher Arawana Hayashi.

In 1980, I used my traveling fellowship to travel to the American West to see the site works by Robert Smithson, Nancy Holt, Michael Heizer, and Walter De Maria. My purpose on that trip was to try to calibrate the difference between seeing the work through secondary sources such as photographs and drawings and actually encountering the "real" work in the wild.  

In the fall of 1980, I joined a ceramic cooperative, and embarked on journey into clay sculpture which preoccupied me until the early 1990s.  The work I made during those years was focused mostly on the female figure, using self-portraits as a vehicle for understanding my role as a woman as well as an artist.  

From about 1995 to 2005 I engaged in an intensive study, through painting, of the landscape of the estuarine south coast.  Often crawling through the underbrush with my camera, I sought to capture the feeling of being "in" the landscape rather than looking "at "it.  Working out my vision through painting has been  important to me as I move toward what I really want people to experience through my work. Recently, I have been able to make work that actually inhabits that same landscape and others.  

Now, in 2012-13, I am shifting back to painting again in preparation for a show at the Dedee Shattuck Gallery in the summer of 2015.  Whether painting or making sculpture, I am always trying to capture a moment of quietness and mystery, in the mental and physical space created by the natural world. " - Nancy Train Smith 2013

Dedee Shattuck Gallery Exhibits:

Recent Work by Nancy Train Smith and Lisa Lebofsky, 2015

Small Works, 2013

Small Works, 2012

Inaugural Show, 2011


Additional works available, to inquire about works, please email or call 508-636-4177.



Hamilton, Bermuda


1978  School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, Fifth Year Certificate                 

1968  Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA,                            B.A. (major field of study: Art History)


1978  Ruth A. Sturtivant Travelling Fellowship Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA


2011  Visiting Artist, Curaumilla Art Center, Curaumilla Chile

1998-99  The Wang Center for the Performing Arts, Boston, MA, "Young at Arts" Judges Panel

1993  Workshop, Greenwich House Pottery, New York, NY

1992  Visiting faculty, AR-CO, Lisbon, Portugal. 5 months.

1989  Visiting Artist, Portland School of Art, Portland, ME

1988-92  The Wang Center for the Performing Arts, Boston, MA,  "Young at Arts" Judges Panel

1985  "Contemporary Ceramics-Six New England Artists";  University of Massachusetts; Amherst, MA. Group Panel Discussion.


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1984  Art New England. December 1984. "Contemporary New England Still Life", by Judy Goldman.


1989  Private Garden, Boston, MA  Wall Fountain;  Eleanor McPeck, Landscape Designer

1988  First Night, Boston, MA "At the Hawk's Well",  collaboration with dancer/choreographer Arawana Hayashi.                                                                       Theatrical/sculptural images inspired by Yeats' Noh-style play.


2013  New Bedford Whaling Museum, New Bedford, MA: Migration: New Bedford Whaling Museum, a permanent installation

2002  Rogers Gallery, Mattapoisett, MA; Nancy Train Smith, "Language of Place"

1999  Paul Mellon Art Center, Choate Rosemary Hall, Wallingford, CT; Nancy Train Smith, "The Spirit of Place"

1996  Dartmouth Gallery, Dartmouth, MA; Nancy Train Smith, "Meditations"

1986  Clark Gallery, Lincoln, MA;  "Nancy Smith, Ceramic Sculpture"

1979  A St. Gallery, Boston, MA;  "Nancy Smith"

1978  Flag Gallery, Boston, MA;  "Nancy Smith"


2012  Dedee Shattuck Gallery, Westport, MA: Small Works Show

2011  Dedee Shattuck Gallery, Westport, MA: Inaugural Exhibition

2011  Cairn Croft Sculpture Show, Dover, MA

2010  New Bedford Art Museum, New Bedford, MA; "In the Landscape: 4 Painters-4 Seasons"

2009  Slocum River Reserve, Dartmouth, MA, "The River Project"

2009  Gustin Gallery, Dartmouth, MA;  “Form and Image”

2006  Borowicz Gallery, Dartmouth, MA; various shows

2005  Rogers Gallery, Mattapoisett, MA; Women's Fund Show

1999  Rogers Gallery, Mattapoisett, MA; Bill Shattuck, Nancy Train Smith, and Laura Anderson, "Recent Work"

1999  Joanne Rapp Gallery/Hand and Spirit, Scottsdale, AZ; "Spirit Vessels"

1999  Northwest Craft Center, Seattle, WA; "Go Figure"

1992  Pro-Art, St. Louis, MO;  "Teapot Invitational"

1991  Georgia State University Gallery, Atlanta, GA;     "Figurative Clay"

1990  "Classicism Reconsidered"                        

1989  The Art Institute, Boston, MA;  "Outside Paradise"

1989  San Angelo Museum of Art, San Angelo, TX;  "Monarch Tile Competition"   (purchase prize)

1989  Museo des Azulejos, Lisbon, Portugal;  "Ceramicas No   ARCO"

1988  Galeria Municipal de Arte, Almada, Portugal;  "Ceramica na Quinta San Miguel"

1987  Fuller Art Museum, Brockton, MA;  "Triennial"

1985  Clark Gallery, Lincoln, MA;  "Animal Imagery"

1985  University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA;  "Contemporary Ceramics: Six New England Artists"

1985  Thomas Segal Gallery, Boston, MA;  "Still Life"

1984  DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA

1984  Newport Art Museum, Newport, Rhode Island

1984  "Contemporary New England Still Life"

1982  Clark Gallery, Lincoln, MA

1978  Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA;  "Travelling      Fellowship Exhibition"

1976  First Night, Boston, MA "Countdown Door"

I conceived, planned and supervised execution of a city-wide, multi-media event, which took place preceding and in conjunction with the First Night Festival.

1976  Brimmer Street Garage Show, Boston, MA 

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