Marat Hannanov

“I was born beside a large river in merchant town Nijnii Novgorod in 1985. When I was very young, I realized my existence as a painter.  My first teacher, Rodionov S., told me when I was eleven that there is a creation. I felt the connection between creation and beauty and mystery of life. Art became something sacred for me. In the spring, I liked to hear how the ice cracks.


“In 2001, I entered to College of Art in Nijnii Novgorod. There I studied design. In course of time, I understood that the poetry of Fine Art attracted me more than industrial design. After finishing the college in 2009, I entered in Academy of Art in Saint-Petersburg for painting. In this time, two important things happened to me. First, I met the painter and professor of Stecenko V.  Secondly, I took a trip to Rome to see paintings.


“In 2015 I created my graduate work on theme of Djordano Bruno and His Heroic Enthusiasm. The commission of the Academy gave the highest mark. For me the most important thing is to express the sense of mystery and admiration of world.”