Joyce Utting Schutter

Joyce Utting Schutter is a native New Englander, born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in Guilford, Connecticut. She spent two decades in the Midwest, working as a graphic artist, raising a family, and earning her MFA in Sculpture in 1997 from the University of Iowa, where she studied under master papermaker, author, and MacArthur Fellow Timothy Barrett. She taught drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture and graphic design at Iowa Central Community College from 1998-2002. Her sculpture experience ranges from cast iron, bronze, and clay to welded steel, fiber, and paper. Her unique method of sculpting with sprayed paper pulp is described in Volume 13, No. 2 of HAND PAPERMAKING, and in Chapter 14 of THE PAPERMAKER'S COMPANION by Helen Heibert. Joyce moved back to New England in 2002, and currently resides on Cape Cod. She enjoys having a studio behind her house, where she can go to spray a layer of pulp any time, day or night. Her work has been exhibited nationally.