Contour: Reflections on Form

Joshua Enck and Reenie Barrow

August 15 - September 16

The Dedee Shattuck Gallery is pleased to present Contour: Reflections on Form, featuring sculptor Joshua Enck and photographer Reenie Barrow.

Joshua Enck’s sculptures break form down to its most basic elements: angle, line, volume and plane. Enck makes initial sketches of his objects to establish gesture and proportion. Then, adhering to geometric principles, he puzzles together sculptures that embody wonder and discovery.

Reenie Barrow’s photographs are luminous, feminine, and spectral. Glowing with otherworldliness, her images recall ghosts, dancers, or spirits. Barrow focuses on an individual subject illuminated against a plane of deep black. The formal composition and the contrast between foreground and background highlight the structure and beauty of each distinct form.

The theme of this exhibition focuses on the point where these two aesthetics converge.  Enck investigates geometrically informed contours, while Barrow concentrates on organically curving forms. This exhibition looks at the tension between Enck’s robust masculine structures and Barrow’s delicate luminescent images. Despite opposing styles both are reflections on contour, structure, and form.

"Enck’s muscular, minimalist geometric sculptures make a counterpoint to Barrow’s velvety photographs of organic forms." Boston Globe, Critic's Picks, August 29, 2012. Read the full article here.

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