Jamie Young


Jamie Young lives and works in Ashfield Massachusetts, a Berkshire community known for incubating talented artists. Her studio is in a beautifully refurbished building on her horse farm, but she often loads up her truck bed with her easel and paint to travel through the rolling hills and hay meadows capturing the light and landscape. She is a studio painter by practice, but often sketches and paints studies for her large canvases en plein-air. Young seeks to capture the feeling of a place and the quality of light rather than creating a formal representational landscape painting, embedded in her images of flora are observations of climate change. Her works are energized and gestural, representing the passion with which she captures the beauty of her surroundings. She is particularly attracted to wild vines enveloping leafy trees, bows dipping into rippling rivers, and sunlight shimmering on foliage. This exhibit will feature a selection of Ashfield paintings, as well as paintings of our own Westport, Massachusetts. Her unique perspective, warm golden color palette, and energetic painting style will enliven our walls for the month of August.