Henry Ferreira


Striking a balance between teaching, family, and studio can be frustrating if not impossible, but I can’t think of much I‘d change. The fact is it all adds up to who I am, and ultimately, the foundation of my work. One’s life can be said to be the foundation for his or her work, but sometimes the influence is more direct. About five years ago I spent a lot of time rebuilding my studio. I removed, repaired, and replaced the floor, rebuilt the walls, put up new lights, ran new wiring, and installed the counter and sink. Soon after the studio was finished, I began to think about building with dimensional wood framing – how it relates to matrixes, layering, stacking – much like the printmaking process.  I began to explore the motif of houses. Sometimes the house is used as a metaphor, and a basic idea can be married to process and image. When the process of making takes precedent, the idea is more fluid and open-ended. I approach the work with an idea, and it literally takes shape on the paper through the playing and making, the content and form.