Gayle Wells Mandle

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The Idea

I am a storyteller.  I also feel it’s my responsibility as an artist to draw attention to world events that affect our well-being.  My inspiration is drawn from crumbling infrastructure and detritus left by “civilization”.  For years I’ve been questioning the ever-growing global economic imbalance.  Currently, the environment and safety of our water supply have become important subject matter for me.

Our family has traveled extensively over the years: I have recently returned from living several years in the Middle East. Much of my artwork there focused on human rights issues and their need for clean water.

The Process

I present the story in each painting in a semi-abstract format, using mixed media, text and texture to support the narrative.  While the canvas is like a megaphone for me, I choose to present the story in a more poetic format.  The Eastern philosophy of balancing opposites appeals to my aesthetic sensibility.  I work back and forth on my canvases from construction to deconstruction, adding my writing to partially erased thoughts, all the time planning, yet embracing spontaneity in the process.  I use the reality depicted in my own photographs, juxtaposing them with abstractions that develop from torn textures and the energy of my brushstrokes.  My process involves continual adding and editing, the story revealed and then partially veiled to engage in a “hide and seek dialogue” with the observer.


Dedee Shattuck Gallery | June 28 - July 30, 2017 | Anniversary Exhibit, 2017

Dedee Shattuck Gallery | November 29 - December 23, 2012 | Small Works, 2012

Dedee Shattuck Gallery | June 5 - July 3, 2011 | Inaugural Exhibit, 2011