The Dedee Shattuck Gallery is a member of the Museum Store Association. The Front Room features curated ceramics, metalwork, jewelry, wood crafts, and textiles from around the world -- including work from Japan, Thailand, India, New York, and New England. Below are some of the many items and companies we have in store. 


Agelio Batle

It's not the pencil that draws, it is your hand.

Whether drawing lines or inscribing words, the act of making marks lures ideas into the physical world. Hands perceive and reveal things that our eyes and conscious minds may never know. We discover things about ourselves and our thoughts by engaging the hand in a mark-making process.

San Francisco artist Agelio Batle's Drawing Hand is both a poetic metaphor and a functioning drawing tool; all of its surfaces can write. Committed to making art from materials that are part of daily experience, the artist originated this work by casting his own hand in pencil lead, graphite, each day for the calendar year 1999.

Drawing Hand suggests that our own hands have the innate capacity to be creative instruments. An object full of innocence, desire, pleasure and human potential, it invites you to access your imagination and discover its infinite possibilities.


Asian Eye

Inspired by and celebrating Indian artisans.

What started as one woman travels in India and exposure to the wonderful stylistic expressions of Indian textiles, turned into a search for unique Indian artisans and sharing their work with the world, therefore creating Asian Eye.

Asian Eye is a multi-generational family run business that’s mission is to share the world's unique and beautiful textile fashions to help customers find their inner and exclusive beauty through scarves and other fine fabrics. With their multiple collections of artisan scarves and shawls, Partners Robyn and Anne will help find the right textile to express one’s inner beauty outwards.  



Handmade Southeast Asian products with exquisite attention to detail.

Using many of the regions abundant natural resources such as teak wood, bamboo, and many others, Bahari creates exceptional, modernesque, unique products such as bowls, furniture, and many other practical goods.

Their mission is to leave as little of an environmental footprint as possible, and to do this they harvest their multiple wood resources at each individual resource’s perspective precise age and timing. All leftover material is disposed of properly at a de-compost and fertilizer company.

Buying Bahari products can leave you peace of mind knowing you’re supporting an environmentally friendly artisan business.


Beehive Handmade

In 1999, artists Jim Dowd (MFA in Metalsmithing from SUNY New Paltz) and Sandra Bonazoli (MFA in Jewelry/Metalsmithing UMASS Darmouth) were brought together by their love of metalsmithing, working with hand tools, and making meaningful things. They took their inspiration from the practical and beautiful vintage kitchenware that they found at flea markets and estate sales, and got to work designing a collection of cups, spoons, and utensils.

At their small studio, they combine traditional techniques and old-world skills with modern style. Each piece is a carefully made reproduction of a hand fabricated original which can take many days to complete. In the years since 1999 when they first began producing their work, a few things have changed, but the things that are important to them have not - making objects with meaning that are built to last.



Refreshing and unique european pieces for the home.

Since 1990 BIDK has been innovating homes with both traditional and modern products for the home and garden. BIDK is a family run company based in Cold Spring, New York with close relationships with multiple European companies. Because of their close ties, BIDK adds 300 to 500 new products into its already extensive catalog; always giving the buyer plenty of options to choose from to refresh their home.

BIDK’s goal is to bring a transitional and light contemporary aesthetic with European sensibilities to homes and businesses.



Boemia was founded on the philosophy that business and life have two key ingredients: Enjoying life through enriching experiences and good karma. The founders of Boemia, Stacie and Séverine, love to share good food and good times in a simple and chic environment with family and the family we choose: our friends. They feel strongly that things do not have to be expensive to be fantastic and inspiring! Boemia picks products with integrity, and the unique and beautiful objects that are made by generation after generation of people in the countries from which they source product are just that.

Because they believe everyone has the right to choose for themselves, earn for themselves and be well educated, they donate a portion of our profits back to local programs funding education, work programs and infrastructure improvements in every market from which we source products.

Boemia’s products come from all over the world including Morocco, Italy, Ghana and more.




Cathayana Inc. formed in 2001. They are a company that integrates design, production and sales under one roof. From their functional and elegant designs to their carefully selected fabrics and each delicately crafted detail, we do our best to ensure the highest of quality. Cathayana is a company that constantly works to improve and innovate. Creations combine an ancient Japanese resist-dyeing technique and color inspiration from nature. They are hand dyed, pleated, discharged, and painted one at a time.



Since 2004, Chive has created innovative and simple designs to highlight the unique beauty of your floral arrangements. A kick to the rear of musty Dutch floristry, Chive’s elegant vases easily compliment any setting, from classic to contemporary, and are a wonderful addition to any home, business, wedding or event.

Using a versatile array of media, including glass, plastic, aluminum, porcelain and ceramic, Chive's collections debut biannually: their line is original, dynam­ic and committed to showcasing the very best in design inspired by nature. Their fresh, new-school designs coupled with their unpretentious, old-school approach to customer service are what set Chive apart.


Edgewood Made

Edgewood Made exists within the intersection of nature and manufacturing.  Understanding the space in which these entities coexist is at the foundation of what drives their design. They utilize nature as their inspiration and manufacturing as their medium – following the rules that both set in place, but never allowing for one take over the other.

Edgewood Made creates goods for every aspect of life in the home. They believe that well-made objects should be a part of our everyday lives, and that these objects should intrigue and draw in the user more and more with each use. Their forms and proportions reference nature and its hidden geometries that dictate how natural structures grow and form shape.

Behind Edgewood Made’s products is a drive to not only bring manufacturing back to America, but also make sure that it is of the highest quality. For them this means obtaining materials at their rawest form, and maintaining close control over each step that brings them closer to functional objects. Great care is taken in each detail and step of their process, ensuring that their craftsmanship is at the highest level.


Kim Erixon: Glass Beaded Jewelry

By purchasing from these handcrafted beaded jewelry collections you are helping to keep alive the fine art of Balinese handwork and the employment of the artisans that love to create this wearable art for you!

Kim’s design experience is reflected in her current glass beaded jewelry collections of wearable art. Always being a step outside the current market of mass production design, Kim Erixon and her small group of skilled Balinese artisans  have been creating unique handmade jewelry, tableware and handcrafted accessories together for over 20 years.

From the years 2007 through 2009 her collections were sold exclusively on the shopping channel in Japan where the demand for perfect quality became the cornerstone for the detailed excellence of the current final product.

By taking full responsibility for her artisans welfare and teaching them beading techniques new to the craftsmen there she has formed a unique business partnership.


Jacaranda Living

Jacaranda Living is a privately held company founded by Cathy and Martin Deale in 2004. It is headquartered in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Cathy and Martin were born on the Kwa Zulu Natal coastline of South Africa and grew up there until 1997 when they moved with their two young children to live in Boston, Massachusetts. Cathy has always had a passionate interest in fine linens and enjoyed doing her own needlework. Jacaranda Living has enabled Cathy to convert her passion into a thriving North American business that also helps support producers whose personal circumstances are less fortunate than ours.

It all started with Cathy’s admiration for the high quality of workmanship produced by talented local Zulu women along the South African coastline. She became determined to try and help them expand their market horizons beyond South Africa. Jacaranda Living (named after a beautiful lilac flowering tree that is prolific in South Africa) was established to support these many wonderful people and their families, who suffer daily with financial hardship and live in an environment that is further compromised by crime and AIDS.

On a trip back to South Africa, Cathy suggested to some embroiderers that she show their beautiful linens to some shops in North America. Of course they were delighted. So, armed with her basket of samples, Cathy walked in and out of gift stores on Newbury St in Boston and nearby Wellesley in Massachusetts. The first orders brought “whoops” of delight, and even more so when those shops reordered after selling out of their towels in only a few weeks.

In every case we strive to remain true to our mission – to produce beautiful, high quality linens and gifts in a socially responsible environment.



Nikaia's president, Nathalie Duncan, is a French native who moved to the United States in 1989.  Aware that her Doctorate degree in Philosophy was not going to take her very far on this side of the Atlantic Ocean, she took a job with a key supplier for The Sharper Image in San Francisco. Nathalie later joined the prestigious retail and mail order company to handle their international sales.

It was a fierce yet amazing immersion in the business world worth any MBA she could have pursued.  First, the exposure to the retail environment was exceptional.  Back then, The Sharper Image was among the top retailers in the high end segment of the market.  From merchandising to inventory control to visual presentation, each department was directed by top notch executives.  But the Sharper Image was also a supplier to its franchises overseas and it became quickly obvious how one tends to vastly underestimate the cultural differences between international markets and how a super-seller in one country can be a complete lemon in another one.

In 1999, while sourcing merchandise at a tradeshow in Frankfurt, Germany, she discovered and fell in love with the Coeur de Lion jewelry line. The collection, contemporary, simple and colorful, was "crisp" and "clean" like nothing else. Finding out that it was still unavailable in America, Nathalie met with designer Carola Eckrodt and husband /business partner Nils Eckrodt and agreed to import the line into the USA under the name of Rosselini (because of a since resolved trademark conflict).



Ei Ei is a tree hugging mom with over a decade of experience in environmental, outdoor, and social justice education. In what she laughingly calls her spare time, she is an aspiring writer of short fictions and children stories about kids and the planet.

Chris is a serial social entrepreneur especially adept at building groundbreaking organizations around shared values and bold visions. Having fulfilled diverse leadership roles in organizations such as CouchSurfing International, UCSF School of Medicine, and MyFarm his experiences in strategic planning, operations, human resources and marketing have been both broad and deep. As Co-Founder and Co-Director of Hayes Valley Farm in San Francisco, he thrived on working with people to develop regenerative relationships with the planet and each other.

Orion is a drool factory and a giggle farm. He loves trees and milk. He is the inspiration for his mom and dad to make each and every tomorrow better than today.

Seedles started as a sidewalk stroll, evolved into a home science lab experiment, and started blooming as a Kickstarter project in April of 2014. They successfully raised over $11,000 and decided to roll out a website and product line because they had hundreds of people begging them for more after the campaign ended.


Kent Stetson

Born on a horse farm, Kent learned fundamentals of leather craft from his mother, and metal craft from his father who is a blacksmith.  At Brown University, Kent focused in on new media and arts- where different digital technologies were applied to create art that merged traditional and cutting edge techniques.  They believe that a great handbag can engage people in the same way as art.  

Their mission of protecting the world from boring handbags has been a lifetime in the making.


Laura Zindel

Laura Zindel is an artist and designer who combines her passion for ceramics and naturalist illustration into unique housewares. Her work integrates techniques from the Arts & Crafts movement with modern industrial design practices and decorative arts inspired by the natural world.

A ceramist by training, Laura has always loved to draw with a pencil. Her initial drawings on the surface of clay with a glaze pencil ultimately led her to the transfer process for creating commercial works; her drawings are now silkscreened and printed as enamel transfers. This process also lent itself to repetition, allowing Laura to create exquisite surface patterns from her drawings on a wide variety of homewares.

Laura Zindel Design, the collaboration of Laura and her husband, Thorsten Lauterbach, has been creating beautiful objects for the home since 1997. Laura and Thor, along with a staff of local artisans, create fine ceramics, dinnerware, and housewares from their design and production studio in Brattleboro, Vermont.



Founded in Montreal, and groomed in New York City, Umsteigen bursts upon you like oneiric snapshots from a fairy tale. Susanne Schubert, the creator and designer of Umsteigen, revitalizes traditional clothing like hoodies, tanks and sweatshirts and blows them into playful works of wearable art.

Made for the discerning woman with a sense of humor and a wink of coyness, Umsteigen’s quirky designs hark back to Sunday morning frühstücken at the kitchen table, father reading the Brothers Grimm before bedtime, and the scent of licorice and nutmeg. All designs are limited-edition and individually hand screen printed.