Debra McGuire-Talk

Fine Artist, Fashion Designer, Costume Designer

Saturday, September 21st   3pm 


Debra McGuire, an Emmy nominated artist, fashion designer, and costume designer will give a talk at Dedee Shattuck Gallery on Saturday, September 21st at 3pm. She will share her experiences in the art and design field as well as portfolios and images of projects from popular films and television series! This is a wonderful opportunity to get an inside glimpse into the artist's creative process and learn about the field of costume design.  

phil spector1.jpg
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Images from Debra's Emmy nominated HBO Film Phil Spector starring Al Pacino and Helen Mirren.

About Debra: 

Among Debra McGuire's many accomplishments as a fine artist, fashion designer and costume designer, she is best known for her 10 year run on the hit show "Friends" and for designing many of David Mamet's film and theatre projects, including the much talked about Phil Spector (starring Al Pacino and Helen Mirren), soon to be released on HBO. 

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Debra has also designed many of Judd Apatow's film and television projects. She is currently Designing three shows for FOX, including the hit show "The New Girl".

Passionate about the theatre, she began designing costumes for a dance theatre company in Paris in the early 80's. In 2007 she won the NAACP Award for Best Costume Design for Atlanta, at the Geffen Playhouse and in 2006 she was nominated for an Ovation Award for Best Costume Design for Boston Marriage, at the Geffen Playhouse.                

Debra is primarily a fine artist with a career that began as a painter, working and teaching in her Bay Area studio. She became an instructor at Colleges and Universities in Northern California, a Jewelry and Accessories Designer in New York, Fashion Designer, Fashion Consultant, Couturier (with a store in Pacific Palisades, Ca. for 10 years) and Costume Designer. Her creativity is rivaled only by her ability to multitask, a skill that has been honed through many years of hard work and dedication.

"An artist with passion can create anything...a world 1000 years in the past or the future, an 1800's Western, a contemporary drama or comedy, action film...anything is possible. Creating a visual story that didn't exist a moment ago is about the miraculous relationship between me and the Director...seeing the vision and making it happen!"