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These paintings are familiar scenes to any New Englander: images of tumbledown stone walls and woodpiles, shadow-striped paths leading through snowy forests, and centuries-old foundations. Remick’s work shares the same subject matter you might find in a Robert Frost poem—discovering the startling beauty existing in the everyday.

"I’m painting our front and back yards and the woods beyond. I’m attracted to items built or left by others that weren’t intended to be objects to contemplate. This started with a series inspired by the Robert Frost poem, ‘Mending Wall,’ where I painted old stone walls in the middle of the woods, now not walling anything in or out. Then, branching off to abandoned cellar holes and cemeteries, woodpiles, surveyor’s ribbon, backyard projects, and so on. In searching for subjects, I found that snow-cover unified and distilled. Snow naturally enhanced what I was after in an image. This led to simply painting the abstract beauty of sunlight and shadow on snow, yet rendering it in a representational image. Of course, this opened up new paths, including painting paths with the metaphors they evoke. Highlighting these motifs guides the viewer to think deeply, to realize our connection to each other, our environment, our past, and our future. -- Stephen Remick, Spring, 2017


Shattuck presents luminous paintings of coastal Massachusetts. Rendered in his patent delicate brushwork, he explores places where the sea has crept into the land. Devoid of any human trace, these are scenes of untouched and spiritual spaces.

CHRIS GUSTIN "Cloud Series"

“When I was little, my sister could always see things in clouds, but I never could. As much as I looked, I only saw a cloud. But after I sat with your work for three weeks, I can now look at the sky and see all kinds of things.” -- Gallery Assistant to Chris Gustin

"The Cloud Series is the first body of work I’ve made that explores pure form.  By inviting both the hand and eye to explore the forms, I hope to evoke numerous memories, recollections that have the potential to change from moment to moment, provoking connections that go past the intellectual to the innate. By using forms that evoke generosity, sensuality, fullness and humility, I am asking the viewer to make connections on a deeply personal level."