Nurture: Anna Kristina Goransson

September 19 - October 21

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Felting is an ancient textile process dating back to the Neolithic era.  Swedish sculptor Anna Kristina Goransson uses felt, which also has strong tradition in Scandinavia, to create objects inspired by nature. Abstracted from fungi, flora, chrysalides, and nest forms, Goransson’s sculptures are visceral, delicate, and powerful. Some works are hand-dyed bright colors, while others retain natural wool tones.

Nurture features recent works by Goransson, which reflect a new change in the artist’s life: motherhood. Her new work is an expression of growth, nurturing, and fragility. While the natural environment has always been a source of inspiration, this exhibition focuses on themes arising in the beauty found in protection, in the frailty and strength of life, and in the need for calm and order in the chaos.

Anna Kristina Goransson holds an MFA in Artisanry and Fibers from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, and a BFA in Furniture from Rhode Island School of Design. She has taught and assisted courses and workshops at many institutions, including the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Rhode Island School of Design, UMass Dartmouth, Fuller Craft Museum, and Anderson Ranch. She has shown in many galleries, museums, and universities across the country.

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