Allen Whiting

"I am an artist.  My need to communicate involves two fundamental choices.  One concerns a medium and the other involves pictorial means.  I believe internal mechanisms dictate these choices and these mechanisms are molded by one’s response to the human condition, the universal individualized.  Pictorial possibilities present themselves to me.  Well before I developed the skills to execute a painting, the desire to express these feelings created a longing, which inspired me to become a student of the arts. 

I was born an eleventh generation sheep farmer on Martha’s Vineyard, an area of acknowledged physical beauty and clarity of light.  I was inspired by these elements early in life.  They remain a daily source of wonder and joy.  Farm life has immersed me in the landscape.  I live with my wife, Lynne, in the home where my family resided when I was born.  Our three children live and work nearby, all of us contributing time and resources to keeping our farm a viable entity.

My education began with the Martha’s Vineyard Public School system, graduating from Cornwall Academy in Great Barrington, Mass. in 1966.  I attended the University of Miami in Florida between 1966 and 1970. Graduating Magna Cum Laude in 1974, I received a BFA in Studio Painting from Windham College in Putney, Vermont.

My professional career began at the Field Gallery in West Tisbury, Massachusetts in 1970.  Since 1970, I have shown in a wide variety of locations from hospitals, bookstores, retail stores, restaurants and business offices to Fine Art Galleries throughout the United States.  In the 1970s I was part of the Massachusetts Open at the Worcester Art Museum. The Cape Cod Museum of Art mounted a retrospective exhibit of my work in the mid 1990s.  This is the 30th season that my family and I have successfully run the Davis House Gallery in our historic home on Martha’s Vineyard.  We expanded our international audience with a show of my local work on the island of Bequia in St. Vincent & the Grenadines in 2010.  In July 2011, the Featherstone Center for the Arts will exhibit a selection of my work from the last 40 years.

My clientele ranges from friends and family to Institutions and notable individuals.  The book, “Allen Whiting: A Painter at 60” was published in 2006 with support from some of my major patrons.  Over the years, articles about me and my work have appeared in local papers and magazines on Martha’s Vineyard, The Boston Globe, New York Magazine, Cape Cod Life, Cape Cod Times, American Artist and Art in America.  "


Dedee Shattuck Gallery Exhibits:

Small Works, 2012

Inaugural Show, 2011

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