A Closer Look

Allison Paschke, Linda Pearlman Karlsberg, & Nancy Selvage

Artists' Reception: Saturday, May 7, 5-7 pm

Wednesday, May 4th-Sunday, May 29th

Dedee Shattuck Gallery is pleased to present A Closer Look, featuring artworks by Allison Paschke, Linda Pearlman Karlsberg, and Nancy Selvage. The works in this exhibition explore the qualitiesof light and ephemerality as well as themes about nature, place, and moments of suspended time. Each artist, whose work is decidedly different from the next, arrests her viewers’ attention with expressive color, magnification of subject and scale, or repetition of a simplified form.


Linda Pearlman Karlsberg

My work is about light: about the conflicts of light and shadow, desolation and beauty, and about the emotional responses light provokes.

I paint the resulting interplay of color and atmosphere, of one texture and shape against another, and the dynamic exchange between forms and line in space. But most essentially I portray places that suspend me in their stillness or turbulence and trigger in me a visceral emotional response. I search for those times and places where beauty is startling and suddenly present. In depicting these fleeting visual encounters I paint the arresting color relationships that flare and bring a momentary expressiveness to the enfolding, lush tranquility of still corners or the immense intensity of roiling skies. In these moments I depict, the light orchestrates a compositional balance and order interrupting abundant disarray.

The Water Lily and Lotus paintings are landscapes in a foreshortened space. In these transient visions of a particular time and light, I work to evoke the glow that emanates from blooms reaching for the sun; the magic and mystery in the water’s surface; the multifarious lily pad and leaf forms that dance, twist, or plod across the surface...

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Linda Pearlman Karlsberg is a painter and draughtsman based in Newton, Massachusetts, working in oils, watercolor, graphite, and lithographic crayon. She has been seeking to realize the world around her with pencil and paint for as long as she can remember. At Tufts University and Boston University College for the Arts Linda immersed in a study of visual art and rigorous studio practice. Her work was transformed through the mentorship of BU artist professors Conger Metcalf, Jack Kramer, Arthur Polonsky, David Aronson, James Weeks and Philip Guston. Linda earned both her BFA and MFA magna cum laude at BU, was awarded a teaching assistantship while an undergraduate, the Stein Memorial Award for Merit in the Arts upon graduation, and a graduate teaching fellowship in painting as a graduate student. After earning her MFA, Linda continued to teach drawing, design, and painting at Boston University, The Art Institute, and other Boston area colleges. With her husband, photographer Mark Karlsberg, she founded Studio Eleven, a professional photographic studio, in 1975. Their photographic images have earned and continue to garner a wide range of awards and accolades...

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